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Of or like God or a god.
  1. 'paintings of shipwrecks being prevented by divine intervention'
  2. 'This divine origin made fire a sacred element, and the Greeks maintained fires in front of their temples.'
  3. 'Revelation is intuitive knowledge and wisdom about some aspect of nature through divine inspiration.'
  4. 'York City's push for back to back wins was unhinged by divine intervention.'
  5. 'Yet he recognized that even negative attribution gives some understanding of the divine being.'
  6. 'This divine origin is particular to the sacred, mystical, and theological insight of the people of Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi.'
  7. 'To the contrary, the expression of our intentions is itself dependent on divine grace.'
  8. 'I wandered about in my swimming costume for a bit hoping for divine intervention.'
  9. 'It's an almost religious process of divine selection - the elect and the damned.'
  10. 'They told me that during their abduction there was a meeting with a divine or sacred being.'
  11. 'Evidently this was the limit imposed by divine providence upon that sort of folly.'
  12. 'A book of exemplary wisdom was, therefore, easily more divine than idols.'
  13. 'Doni insists, nonetheless, that Michelangelo's voluptuous simulations of sacred bodies are potentially divine in origin.'
  14. 'Any authority will do, any divine mission, any sacred fatherland or revolution.'
  15. 'All persons are sacred, because they partake of the divine, as no animal does.'
  16. 'On the walls and ceiling, his pen and ink drawings depicted only the divine, the sacred, the holy, and the damned.'
  17. 'How could a human being create something so perfect, so divine?'
  18. 'A septuagenarian performed the Ganesha dance with all its divine appeal.'
  19. 'But Scripture is not the only source of divine revelation to the attentive ear.'
Very pleasing; delightful.
  1. 'The flavour of this most wonderful of vegetables is divine, whether steamed, boiled or roasted.'
  2. 'From gangly arm to fleshy middle, it's me: lovely, divine, and supremely perfect.'
  3. 'They weren't laws that came from some fair or divine place.'
  4. 'They fluttered down, the petals cascading around the guests and the royal family, causing a gorgeous and divine sight.'
  5. 'Evidently, his divine brilliance is too great for mere mortals.'
  6. 'Only Nightcrawler is utterly divine, well-tuned and perfectly turned.'
  7. 'The girl was sitting on a rock in the middle of a divine forest, smiling angelically.'
  8. 'I'll have to say that beer is a bit expensive, but cocktails were divine and worth every penny.'
  9. 'For what I had in mind the weather was perfectly divine.'
  10. 'Anyway Mr. Hamilton is here and Jenny don't you think he is simply divine?'


A cleric or theologian.
  1. 'Even the 5 percent of the nation who made up the Catholic recusants succumbed to an intellectual onslaught led by Anglican divines.'
  2. 'The stereotypical view of Calvinist divines has them all nodding their heads in a ringing ‘yes, indeed.’'
Providence or God.
  1. 'After all, the Divine made you the way that They wanted.'
  2. 'After all, the Divine is an all-encompassing entity.'


Discover (something) by guesswork or intuition.
  1. with clause 'they had divined that he was a fake'
  2. 'The path all of this takes is easily divined, although the ending is not.'
  3. 'Two shrewd commentators of the late 1940s had already divined that at least some Rorschach wizards achieved their success by resorting to tricks.'
  4. 'When we divine the future we do so in the hope that we can profit from the knowledge.'
  5. 'At the start of each project, he strives to divine the ‘voice of the site.’'
  6. 'The reader is not supposed to have to divine the meaning that lies behind the ramblings and jottings of the writer.'
  7. 'The paradox is that on the only point of principle which I think one can divine from my judgment, you were successful.'
  8. 'Sometimes we discover we have ‘made’ an interpretation without realising it, on other occasions we struggle to articulate what it is we have divined.'
  9. 'For a while they simply stared at each other, as if sizing up the opposition, divining out points of weakness.'
  10. 'I tried to divine an intention from her message.'
  11. 'They are points of god-contact, sites and occasions for divining in a much broader sense.'
Have supernatural or magical insight into (future events)
  1. 'Seeing the king, Samudra divined that the time had come for Ashoka's conversion.'
  2. 'When not divining the crowd's thoughts, he dives into the city's psyche, through anthropomorphizing metaphors.'
  3. 'It's sad that 450 years later we still have to go over similar arguments with those who believe that divining works.'
  4. 'We must be given time and space away from the hordes to divine the future.'
  5. 'One form of magic that many of us do quite often is divining.'
  6. 'Do Warren and Pearson suggest that lenders are clairvoyants who can divine what direction prices will take in future years?'
  7. 'And from this alleged mutter, trained exegetes in the press are now divining the entire political infrastructure of the Vatican.'
  8. 'Though I am not proposing the actual use of Tarot cards as a means of divining past or future events, what, exactly, would the limits be for non-natural explanations?'
  9. 'he showed him how to divine water'
  10. 'Afterwards explore the grounds to find underground water and other aspects of divining.'
  11. 'The affront of water divining to the latter's modernist pretensions led to foreign experts being pressed into the fray, but to no avail.'
  12. 'Dowsing and divining water is the subject of the club's talk today.'
  13. 'Thus, after more than a decade of denouncing water divining, the state belatedly sought to harness it to hydraulic development.'
  14. 'How frogs locate water remains unknown, they seem to have a special water divining sense.'
  15. 'Of course, a simple double-blind test can be applied to any claims of divining or dowsing powers.'
  16. 'Others test him by bringing in unlikely objects for him to divine at the show's finale.'


1. of or relating to a god, especially the Supreme Being.

2. addressed, appropriated, or devoted to God or a god; religious; sacred: divine worship.

3. proceeding from God or a god: divine laws; divine guidance.

4. godlike; characteristic of or befitting a deity: divine magnanimity.

5. heavenly; celestial: the divine kingdom.

6. extremely good; unusually lovely: He has the most divine tenor voice.

7. being a god; being God: Zeus, Hera, and othe

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"people can be divine as people."

"people can be divine in senses."

"interventions can be divine."

"laws can be divine."

"natures can be divine."

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Late Middle English: from Old French deviner ‘predict’, from Latin divinare, from divinus (see divine).