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Showing a controlled form of behaviour or way of working.
  1. 'We're taking a little more disciplined approach toward training in golf than might have been done in the past.'
  2. 'I replied that as a disciplined civil servant I had no option but to accept the post.'
  3. 'The pacy, busy, vibrant winger has been replaced by a more thoughtful, more disciplined player.'
  4. 'Intervention has taken place in an unusually disciplined and performance-based manner.'
  5. 'It is an example of the disciplined financial controls which have built up the funds the country needs for public works and poverty relief.'
  6. 'It's a disciplined approach to creating websites which involves a great deal of discussion about objectives.'
  7. 'But it will be a tight, disciplined budget with spending under disciplined control.'
  8. 'He said the company takes a very disciplined approach when contemplating entering a market where the culture is different.'
  9. 'As they become proficient in handling their bikes they are subtly introduced to the need for disciplined behaviour on the road.'
  10. 'It requires just a bit of creative imagination and disciplined thought.'


1. having or exhibiting discipline; rigorous: paintings characterized by a disciplined technique.

More examples(as adjective)

"results can be disciplined in seekings."

"corp.s can be disciplined about kinds."

"soldiers can be disciplined to points."

"places can be disciplined for teams."

"corps can be disciplined about kinds."

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