Adjective "Dirty" Definition and Examples




    1. soiled with dirt; foul; unclean: dirty laundry.

    2. spreading or imparting dirt; soiling: dirty smoke.

    3. vile; mean; sordid; contemptible: to play a dirty trick on someone.

    4. obscene; pornographic; lewd: a dirty joke.

    5. undesirable or unpleasant; thankless: He left the dirty work for me.

    6. very unfortunate or regrettable: That's a dirty shame!

    7. not fair or sportsmanlike; unscrupulous: a dirty fighter.

    8. hostile, insulting, conte


    "organizations can be dirty by prices."

    "waters can be dirty with debrises."

    "trees can be dirty from grimes."

    "tracks can be dirty in/at/on todays."

    "towns can be dirty with heaps."

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