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A small cube with each side having a different number of spots on it, ranging from one to six, thrown and used in gambling and other games involving chance.
  1. 'You roll two dice to attack in the game and if you roll doubles, you have to stop!'
  2. 'She threw the dice, and got two fives and one four.'
  3. 'Cluedo is a game with simple rules, with luck limited to the minor role of the movement of pawns by dice.'
  4. 'The upholstery is black, and she has red fuzzy dice hanging from her rearview mirror.'
  5. 'When was the last time you saw some fluffy dice, or any other strange car accessories?'
  6. 'One Mozart manuscript actually includes what might be considered a musical game, though not played with dice.'
  7. 'At the core of the game is throwing dice on the table for positioning.'
  8. 'When you throw the dice, the odds of any given outcome can be calculated.'
  9. 'However dice are thrown, chance will pull the result in an unexpected way.'
  10. 'The children roll dice, and, depending on where they land, they have to act out or answer the questions.'
  11. 'So much can turn on a game of dice: kingdoms have been lost, wives gambled away.'
  12. 'All I can say is that it's like a game of dice; sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.'
  13. 'The definition of statistical independence appears in this book together with many problems with dice and other games.'
  14. 'Card games, dice and chess were the methods he used to make a living.'
  15. 'Next time, we will turn you over to Nono for a game of dice.'
  16. 'A second widely held belief is that the phrase comes from the game of dice, suggesting a poor player wasn't any good because his ‘shakes’ were not effective enough.'
  17. '‘Life is just one big dice game’ according to Ray Doyle and Kevin Legend, founders of the Dice camp.'
  18. 'I'm also a big fan of Einstein, who said God does not play dice with the universe.'
  19. 'A traditional Inuit game similar to dice is played on a board, using pieces in the shape of miniature people and animals.'
  20. 'Police stormed the residence and found 11 enthusiastic people noisily engaged in a rowdy game of dice.'
Small cubes of food.
  1. 'Wash, core and cut at least 5 pounds of ripe tomatoes into large dice.'
  2. 'We have changed the approach to incorporate tiny dices of pineapple in a mixture of cucumber and flakes of hot smoked salmon.'


Play or gamble with dice.
  1. 'Four years older than John Peter of Bowhay, and seven older than Will, he was a bon vivant fond of dining and dicing: a suitable escort for his country cousins in Europe's most populous city.'
  2. 'his side continue to dice with disaster'
Cut (food or other matter) into small cubes.
  1. 'diced onions'
  2. 'Blend a six-ounce can of tuna, one diced tomato, one tablespoon of fat-free Italian dressing and one tablespoon of minced green olives.'
  3. 'After dicing the carrots, onions, and celery and adding them to the broth of duck, Mr. Bishop set out a bowl and saucer and glass of water when suddenly he was interrupted by a knocking on the door.'
  4. 'Cut the cauliflower into small florets and peel and dice the carrots.'
  5. 'Remove saucepan and throw in chopped parsley & diced tomato, stirring through.'
  6. 'Chopped / diced vegetables of your choosing (always depends what we have in the fridge).'
  7. 'When I say to dice the tomato and onion, I mean they should be too small for stir fry, but still big enough to see what they are.'
  8. 'Melt fat, dice vegetables and place all ingredients in a wide heavy based saucepan.'
  9. 'Dress the leaves, then add the drained, diced apples, walnuts and crumbled cheese, gently mixing so they are evenly distributed.'
  10. 'I don't want any Jell-O at my wedding, or diced carrots for that matter.'
  11. 'Here, sweet red peppers are diced and sautéed with onions and garlic, combined with tomatoes and served as a soup with a raft of golden, fried feta cheese.'
Reject or abandon.

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    1. small cubes of plastic, ivory, bone, or wood, marked on each side with one to six spots, usually used in pairs in games of chance or in gambling.

    2. poker dice.

    3. any of various games, especially gambling games, played by shaking and throwing from two to six dice or poker dice onto a flat surface.Compare craps.

    4. any small cubes.

    5. Auto Racing. a jockeying for lead position between two or more drivers in which tactics are used to pass or keep from be

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    "peppers can be diced."

    "tomatoes can be diced."

    "onions can be diced."

    "monkfishs can be diced."

    "chickens can be diced."

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    (dice)Middle English: from Old French des, plural of de (see die).


    dice with death
    no dice
    roll (or throw) of the dice