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A severe flood.
  1. 'Businesses were counting the cost of the deluge as many were flooded for a third time in just six weeks.'
  2. 'The recent deluge has left most cattle farmers in a crisis situation as regards grazing management and silage cutting.'
  3. 'Preliminary data suggest this rainfall triggered a 500-year flood deluge.'
  4. 'At Harrogate, the hosts were put in to bat on a new strip hastily prepared because the intended pitch had been flooded by Friday's deluge.'
  5. 'A titanic crash of thunder heralds the return of the darkness and the onset of a truly biblical deluge.'
  6. 'The supposed height of summer has seen deluge after deluge with floods and misery across the country.'
  7. 'But tourist operators at countryside and seaside destinations admitted they had suffered from the deluges of the past few weeks.'
  8. 'After 30 hours of continuous torrential rain, rivers and streams around Taranaki were struggling to cope with the deluge of water.'
  9. 'But in the light of devastation caused before the Foss barrier existed - where watermarks on the wall testify to the deluges of 1982, 1947 and 1831 - there was relatively nothing to fear.'
  10. 'Meanwhile, insurance companies are bracing themselves for multi-million euro claims following the deluge which left scores of homes and businesses flooded.'
  11. 'the world appeared to be emerging still from the waters of the Deluge'
  12. 'The Bible certainly seemed to speak historically - Creation, The Deluge, The Tower of Babel - and yet the theologians said these things were myth, or poetry, or allegory.'
  13. 'Many arguments from both the Flood narrative itself, and from later Scriptural references, establish that the Deluge was indeed universal.'
  14. 'A proper interpretation of the rocks arid fossils speaks of a global, dynamic, watery catastrophe: the biblical Deluge.'
  15. 'A perfect deluge of rain instantly followed, and the roads were quickly flooded.'
  16. 'These were no more than the drops of rain that preceded the deluge.'
  17. 'A deluge of rain on Friday evening led to several games in the Keighley area being abandoned - as the weather once again took its toll.'
  18. 'Anyway, after that little digression, I am pleased to report that we had a deluge of rain here yesterday.'
  19. 'Their Shiraz variety grapes had to battle to survive after a deluge of 200 mm of rain.'
  20. 'Although much of the rest of Scotland was shrouded in mist and heavy rain, the deluge which dampened Aberdeen in the morning had abated long before kick off.'
  21. 'The deluges of rain upon the volcano slopes, which may be augmented by melting ice, help to mobilize ash and debris flows (lahars).'
  22. 'Then the final week of May brought a deluge of rain especially in the West.'
  23. 'The game ended in a deluge of rain and sleet but to the credit of both teams they continued to play positive football to the end.'
  24. 'It seems very peaceful - we've had deluges of rain.'
  25. 'Sir - A deluge of ‘tropical’ rain for the second time in three years: climate change is a reality we could do without.'
  26. 'These letters have triggered a deluge of complaints to the watchdog, who seems to be treating them sympathetically, although he's no soft touch.'
  27. 'Police fielded a deluge of car vandalism complaints from motorists in north and west Wiltshire over Christmas.'
  28. 'Villagers look like they will be losing their main bus service in just over a fortnight, despite a deluge of complaints to the bus company.'


Overwhelm with a flood.
  1. 'The floods that threatened to deluge the town centre yesterday put paid to virtually all weekend river match action.'
  2. 'It was proposed by one of the councillors, who said he was finally pushed into action by floods which deluged the town in January, killing three people.'
  3. 'Only 18 months after the last floods, their homes and businesses have been deluged again.'
  4. 'he has been deluged with offers of work'
  5. 'I hope I'm deluged with interesting material from all over the country - especially the swing states, of course.'
  6. 'After their presentation, the duo were deluged with questions from the children.'
  7. 'People near and far are deluged with congratulatory messages over the telephones.'
  8. 'An amateur investigator has been deluged with e-mails from conspiracy theorists across the world after posting details of a mid-Essex mystery on a website.'
  9. '‘We have not been deluged with requests for information so far but we are just a few weeks in so we need to keep an eye on the situation,’ said the spokesman.'
  10. 'Talking to publisher friends I gather that they are deluged with manuscripts more than ever before, but I think there is a quality control.'
  11. 'Hard science does a lot better at this - generate interesting results, and you'll be deluged with requests to see the data so that other scientists can replicate it.'
  12. 'But here again is one of the major strengths of blogs: if a story is proven false, it's a rare blogger who isn't deluged with emails and comments.'
  13. 'Talk to too many sources and the writer is deluged with contrary opinions, none of which converge into something close to reality.'
  14. 'You know, I'm sure she's been deluged with phone calls, harassing phone calls, attacks, and so forth.'

More definitions


1. a great flood of water; inundation; flood.

2. a drenching rain; downpour.

3. anything that overwhelms like a flood: a deluge of mail.

4. the Deluge, flood (def 3).

verb (used with object), deluged, deluging.

5. to flood; inundate.

6. to overrun; overwhelm: She was deluged with congratulatory letters.


(deluge)Late Middle English: from Old French, variant of diluve, from Latin diluvium, from diluere ‘wash away’.