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Extremely bright, especially so as to blind the eyes temporarily.
  1. figurative 'a dazzling smile'
  2. 'Everyone was momentarily blind by the dazzling white light that emanated from the doorway.'
  3. 'Almost 1,000 people flocked to see the dazzling white lights being switched on signalling the official start to the festive season in Corsham.'
  4. 'Sometimes they were there as the crash of surf as I waked lazily along the dazzling white beaches of my home.'
  5. 'Both Rampart and Azure swung at the same time, and a dazzling flash of light temporarily blinded Azure.'
  6. 'When I finally got them opened, I was hit with a dazzling white light.'
  7. 'A number of buildings sit perched on a cliff where the morning sun lights a dazzling white-sand beach.'
  8. 'Dillyn was almost blinded by the dazzling whiteness of the spotless floors and walls.'
  9. 'Her mother wore a dazzling white dress that sparkled in the light.'
  10. 'An abiding memory of Andalucia is of bright potted geraniums brimming over dazzling white walls under a deep blue sky.'
  11. 'The view was filled with dazzling white and pastel coloured buildings in bright sunlight under a clear blue sky.'
  12. 'Again and again Ghast swung his sword, a dazzling display of skill that would have left lesser men breathless with envy.'
  13. 'Bryce tucked his pistol into his back pocket as the window rolled down and revealed a very beautiful brunette woman with dazzling emerald eyes.'
  14. 'And of course the desire is to make a dazzling first impression.'
  15. 'An astonishing five billion TV viewers tuned in to see the dazzling display set on a vast artificial lake in Athens' Olympic Stadium.'
  16. 'They walked in, the King in his great furs and mighty sword, and the Queen with her dazzling silk gowns and beautiful jewels covering her neck.'
  17. 'Understand the quickest path to a victory isn't always the most dazzling.'
  18. 'From the 1930s onward, he is one of jazz's most dazzling soloists.'
  19. 'As one enters though, it is not the beautiful lamps or the dazzling pictures on the wall that captures the eye.'
  20. 'Then, in a dazzling display of hypocrisy, the senator spoke out.'
  21. 'Because this recipe was so dazzling, I'm going to reprint it here.'


1. to overpower or dim the vision of by intense light: He was dazzled by the sudden sunlight.

2. to impress deeply; astonish with delight: The glorious palace dazzled him. verb (used without object), dazzled, dazzling.

3. to shine or reflect brilliantly: gems dazzling in the sunlight.

4. to be overpowered by light: Her eyes dazzled in the glare.

5. to excite admiration by brilliance: Once one is accustomed to such splendor, it no longer

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"displays can be dazzling."

"performances can be dazzling."

"rallies can be dazzling."

"smiles can be dazzling."

"runs can be dazzling."

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