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Press against (something) lightly several times with a piece of absorbent material in order to clean or dry it or to apply a substance.
  1. no object 'she dabbed at her eyes with a handkerchief'
  2. 'An elderly man in a shabby black overcoat and wide-brimmed beaver hat was standing in front of the magistrate's desk, clutching a newspaper in one hand and dabbing his eyes with a none too clean handkerchief.'
  3. 'Mr. Wellington dabbed the corner of his mouth with his napkin and swallowed as he prepared to make an announcement.'
  4. 'It is not surprising that many of those watching can be seen reaching for handkerchiefs and dabbing their eyes.'
  5. 'He dabbed the cut lightly with another paper towel before working on the band-aid.'
  6. 'Donnie raised his clean hand and dabbed the sweat from Steven's forehead, under his straggly hair.'
  7. 'She sniffed and held back a wince when he dabbed gently at the cut.'
  8. 'Frances was dabbing at her eyes with a paper tissue.'
  9. 'Determinedly refusing to remove his jacket, Dr. Alexeivich tugged at his tie and dabbed perspiration from his brow.'
  10. 'She quickly dabbed her handkerchief across her mouth, wiping away the substance from her lips.'
  11. 'She felt strong hands grab her shoulders and a warm cloth dabbing at her face.'
  12. 'I dabbed concealer on some red spots and put on a coat of rusty colored lipstick.'
  13. 'I also dabbed on some lip-gloss and blush, and even managed to evenly apply some black eyeliner.'
  14. 'I dabbed on little piles of wasabi and pickled ginger around the rice and between the fish.'
  15. 'Individual sores or insect bites can be dabbed directly with lavender oil.'
  16. 'I dabbed my lips lightly with lip gloss and stood back to assess myself.'
  17. 'Solve the problem of dry lips by dabbing your lips with lip balm.'
  18. 'Beth quickly ran a hairbrush through her blonde hair and dabbed on the tiniest bit of make-up.'
  19. 'She shrieked in pain when a nurse dabbed ointment on her skin.'
  20. 'Afterwards she fixed her ponytail and dabbed on some cherry lip gloss before heading out the door.'
  21. 'I quickly splashed cold water to my face, tied my hair in a low ponytail and dabbed concealer to that annoying, red spot on my nose.'
Strike with a light blow.


    A small amount of something.
    1. 'Place a dab of chervil pesto on each plate and serve.'
    2. 'To keep the shine away, add a dab of loose or pressed powder.'
    3. 'A dab of white-wine vinegar is useful to get plates and cutlery spotlessly clean.'
    4. 'He could see her beautiful dark brown hair, her glossy green eyes that seemed to know everything, and her face that looked so close to perfection without a dab of makeup.'
    5. 'Sagerman applies thousands of dabs of oil paint with a palette knife and meticulously records the colors, the number of strokes and the amount of time spent on each color in a ledger for each painting.'
    6. 'My dark auburn hair was curled in loose ringlets that cascaded down my back and I just had foundation, mascara, and a dab of lip-gloss for the natural look.'
    7. 'Use both the body wash and body lotion, then just a dab of perfume.'
    8. 'Well, I don't use make up daily, just kohl to line my eyes, and a dab of lipstick.'
    9. 'They came breaded and deep fried, along with a sound celeriac remoulade, cold battered onion rings, salad and dabs of tartare sauce.'
    10. 'A touch of mascara, a pinch of blush, a dab of lip gloss, and I was set to go.'
    11. 'apply concealer with light dabs'
    12. 'Angela does a few quick swipes and dabs at her own face, puts on something amazing, and throws her hair up.'
    13. 'Writing between dabs on the forehead with a wet washcloth, she speaks of an ‘inchoate longing’ to visit paradise.'
    14. 'the patient reported taking a dab of marijuana approximately five hours before his appointment'
    1. 'If all the dabs were already on record, this could help reduce future police paperwork.'
    2. 'Biometric national ID's problem is that it's like investigating a crime solely by taking dabs and going house-to-house around the whole country looking for matches.'
    3. 'I would presume that if they found my dabs at the scene of a crime they could match them with the details they acquired at immigration.'
    4. 'My bra straps held his neck to the metal and I knew not a single dab of mine would be found on his body.'

    Digital audio broadcasting.

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      verb (used with object), dabbed, dabbing.

      1. to pat or tap gently, as with something soft or moist: The child dabbed his eyes with the handkerchief.

      2. to apply (a substance) by light strokes: He dabbed the ointment on the rash.

      3. to strike, especially lightly, as with the hand.

      4. Masonry. to dress (stonework) with a pointed tool.

      5. Western U.S. to throw (a rope or line) in an effort to lasso or catch something: Joe dabbed his rope on the steer. verb (used without object), dabbed


      (dab)Middle English: symbolic of a light striking movement; compare with dabble and dib.