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Separate or cause to separate into curds or lumps.
  1. with object 'rennet is used for making cheese by curdling milk'
  2. 'Tofu is a popular soya bean product, made by grinding, boiling and draining the soya beans, and curdling their milk to form a solid.'
  3. 'The milk of human kindness curdles in his characters into a corrosive acid eating into their very souls.'
  4. 'If that wasn't enough to curdle any milk, the five selected finalists were then required to prepare a gourmet luncheon for 100 assembled guests from the media and restaurant industries.'
  5. 'One of my earliest memories is looking down through a bay of picture windows at the Tillamook factory and watching milk curdle on the way to becoming cheese.'
  6. 'I don't just mean sour, I mean lumpy and curdled and almost cheese.'
  7. 'All he got for his pains was a look that would have curdled milk.'
  8. 'She must curdle the milk, make Macbeth abjure his good qualities, if he is to act as she wishes.'
  9. 'The curd which is half curdled has been considered as a totally unwholesome food item.'
  10. 'Dear, dear, the milk is a bit sour and curdled, is it not?'
  11. 'If the tub can be left for a decent period of time in direct sunlight, so the cream begins to separate and curdle, all the better.'

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1. to change into curd; coagulate; congeal.

2. to spoil; turn sour.

3. to go wrong; turn bad or fail: Their friendship began to curdle as soon as they became business rivals. Idioms

4. curdle the / one's blood, to fill a person with horror or fear; terrify: a scream that curdled the blood.

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"sauces can be curdled."

"pukes can be curdled."

"paintworks can be curdled."

"milks can be curdled."

"eyes can be curdled."

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(curdle)Late 16th century: frequentative of obsolete curd ‘congeal’.


make someone's blood curdle