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A style or method of cooking, especially as characteristic of a particular country, region, or establishment.
  1. 'You've tasted this intriguing cuisine in noodle houses and more formal Vietnamese eateries.'
  2. 'Yet, kosher did not alter Indian vegetarian cuisine in any way, he said.'
  3. 'Eating authentic Chinese cuisine is a cultivated taste and one worth exploring and learning.'
  4. 'Basically your garbage pail is the hippest new fusion cuisine restaurant in town for ants.'
  5. 'The Moghul influence has also extended the rich and diverse cuisine of the country.'
  6. 'A full menu of authentic Cuban cuisine is available in the restaurant's dining room.'
  7. 'Besides, almost every other country's cuisine has already had its moment on the front burner.'
  8. 'Civilizations that have remained relatively untouched by the ravages of war have invariably produced the finest cuisine in the world.'
  9. 'I feel robbed that I didn't eat authentic Thai cuisine until the age of 27.'
  10. 'We came here just to taste the Thai cuisine.'
  11. 'we spent the evening sampling the local cuisine'
  12. 'Our only real expenditure was enjoying leisurely drinks at cafes and sampling the local cuisine.'
  13. 'Johnny was in the kitchen, cooking an array of delectable cuisines.'
  14. 'To make them get along I would have to cook both their cuisines at the same time.'
  15. 'World famous master chefs dish out exciting cuisines to satiate everybody's palette.'
  16. 'Nicer restaurants that feature local cuisine generally have smaller portions.'
  17. 'There are also some side stations with some ethnic cuisines such as Thai, Italian and Japanese food.'
  18. 'Developing an appreciative taste for minority cuisines may be an important first step toward combating hatred.'
  19. 'I've been blessed by the fact that my job has allowed me to travel and sample cuisines from all over the world.'
  20. 'Their food is the hottest among the four major cuisines of China.'
  21. 'Beetroot, dill and vodka are three typical ingredients used in the cuisines of eastern Europe.'

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1. a style or quality of cooking; cookery: Italian cuisine; This restaurant has an excellent cuisine.

2. Archaic. the kitchen or culinary department of a house, hotel, etc.


(cuisine)Late 18th century: French, literally ‘kitchen’, from Latin coquina, from coquere ‘to cook’.