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Form or cause to form crystals.
  1. 'Such solutions are unstable and the addition of a tiny amount of the solute will cause all of the excess solute to crystallize out of solution.'
  2. 'This also occurs naturally in the earth; hot gases evaporate and leave behind saturated minerals which then crystallize.'
  3. 'The sugar will start to crystallize; don't panic.'
  4. 'It has been suggested that upon the rapid freezing, water molecules crystallize on the lipid interface, forming two frozen planes separated by the hydrophobic core of the membrane.'
  5. 'At regular intervals they remove samples and measure how many of the C triglycerides in the liquid oil phase crystallise out.'
  6. 'Another type of solid exists, an amorphous solid, that does not crystallize.'
  7. 'The remains of those creatures left minute freckles of organically produced carbon, which crystallized into graphite.'
  8. 'Many biological molecules can only be crystallised with difficulty, if at all, and even then the conformation may not be representative of the molecule in the living cell.'
  9. 'If left undisturbed for a long period of time, a glass will very slowly crystallize.'
  10. 'As the solution cools, quinine sulfate crystallizes out.'
Coat and impregnate (fruit or petals) with sugar as a means of preserving them.
  1. 'The ridiculous thing is, for the next three months they find they have no room in their cupboards due to huge tins of luncheon meat, bags of Brazil nuts and boxes of crystallised fruits that lay untouched.'
  2. 'Since carrying a lemon around is hardly convenient or practical, I was thrilled to discover True Lemon, a packet of flavored crystallized lemon you can stash in your purse or gym bag.'
  3. 'We sampled other dishes as well, but the selection which caught Madame's fancy were the cakes with crystallized fruits and vegetables.'
  4. 'Fleurs de sucre are crystallized flower petals or berries, beautifully packaged up in tall glass tubes.'
  5. 'The sliced lemon added on day 2 also becomes crystallized and very yummy as its own treat.'
  6. 'It too was heaped with candied fruits, nuts, crystallized edible flowers, and, in the topmost cup, a preserved orange, then an extravagant treat.'
Make or become definite and clear.
  1. with object 'writing can help to crystallize your thoughts'
  2. 'We believe this proposal crystallizes a clear, simple vision.'
  3. 'Our overall purpose has now crystallized into a plan.'
  4. 'His smile crystallized into a frozen grin, the part in his hair fracturing to the very foundations of his Brylcream.'
  5. 'Students reported that the reading materials were interesting, helpful, and specific, and they found that the out-of-class activities allowed them to crystallize the material they had learned.'
  6. 'The historical judgment crystallized in that well-known line was the fruit of a long and distinguished career, however.'
  7. 'The multiplicity of possible perspectives is endless, whilst the definite moment in time remains crystallised.'
  8. 'His ideas never crystallized into a system: he held that political thought had to be as mobile and protean as its object.'
  9. 'In this short, delicate song, a universal sense of the brute, soul-destroying sameness of life as it unfolds is crystallized into a simple acoustic melody, encouraging us to hurry up and wait for nothing to change.'
  10. 'Unfortunately, the anger many individuals live with on a daily basis can become crystallized into their identity.'
  11. 'But all my second thoughts crystallized into an unshakable conviction: I would choose death, because to live and not write what I believed to be true was not to live at all.'
Convert or be converted from a floating charge into a fixed charge.
  1. with object 'the sale may not crystallize the charge'
  2. 'It follows that the charge over the book and other debts was a floating charge until it crystallised on that date.'
  3. 'Yes you can, but you must sell the shares to your pension fund, thereby crystallising any gains or losses.'

More definitions

1. to form into crystals; cause to assume crystalline form.

2. to give definite or concrete form to: to crystallize an idea.

3. to coat with sugar. verb (used without object), crystallized, crystallizing.

4. to form crystals; become crystalline in form.

5. to assume definite or concrete form.

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"fruits can be crystallized."

"strivingses can be crystallized."

"rainbows can be crystallized."

"polymers can be crystallized."

"petals can be crystallized."

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