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Consisting of or easily breaking into small fragments.
  1. 'The important notes of this classic dish should be caramelised apple and crumbly pasty, but instead, there was an unpleasant sharpness, which came from either burned sugar, or apples left in lemon juice too long, or both.'
  2. 'The lowermost layer was very soft, crumbly yellow sandstone that would fall apart in your hands with enough pressure.'
  3. 'Stilton is a creamy and slightly acidic blue cheese with a soft and crumbly texture.'
  4. 'If they freeze hard enough before curing when on the walls, they will become quite crumbly and need to be removed.'
  5. 'Pile the leaves in every time they are cleared from the garden and leave them for a year or more to produce lovely, dark crumbly leaf mould to spread over the garden or incorporate into the soil.'
  6. 'There were piles of the stuff - crumbly sand with a demerara-sugar like texture and just enough moisture to hold together curving walls and vaulting floors.'
  7. 'On the back of the cave was an upturned seaman's chest that spilled crumbly garments of silk and lace, ivory and gold ornaments, and heaps of gold and silver coins and fine jewellery of old.'
  8. 'The grass leaves and roots gradually rot down to produce a fine, crumbly loam that can be used for potting all sorts of plants from tomatoes to tulips.'
  9. 'If you're not a fan of chèvre (goat's cheese), you can replace it with almost any crumbly cheese.'
  10. 'A har appears as a horizontal layer of soil that looks denser with less crumbly soil particles than the topsoil, has few roots or earthworms and may even be a darker color than the rest of the soil.'


An old person.
  1. 'They were appropriately pompous but looked like crumbly high school maths teachers.'
  2. 'Their project is an attempt to build bridges between the teenagers we used to be and the middle aged crumblies we have now become.'


1. apt to crumble; friable.

More examples(as adjective)

"textures can be crumbly."

"stiltons can be crumbly."

"timbers can be crumbly."

"soils can be crumbly."

"roasts can be crumbly."

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