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(of food) having a firm, dry, and brittle surface or texture.
  1. 'The dish also included some crispy bacon.'
  2. 'The crispy bacon and avocado salad was large in scale, but the ingredients were deliciously light.'
  3. 'They are coated in bread crumbs so that, like a schnitzel, a crispy crust encases the meat.'
  4. 'The crispy pork spare ribs, excited as I was to try them, didn't really deliver though.'
  5. 'Serve with good, crispy bread, strong extra-virgin olive oil and dried chillies to crumble on top.'
  6. 'This was a wonderful fusion of sweet and savoury with the coconut giving a delicate crispy crust.'
  7. 'I ordered French toast with crispy bacon, maple syrup and hash brown potatoes.'
  8. 'Decorate with a fresh raspberry, a mint leaf, or optionally crumble crispy cookies on top.'
  9. 'The mushroom risotto, served with anchovy sauce and a crispy crust, was superb.'
  10. 'The bird, wrapped in crispy bacon, was served with a rich red wine and onion sauce.'


1. (especially of food) brittle; crisp.

2. curly or wavy.

3. brisk.

More examples(as adjective)

"sandwiches can be crispy."

"people can be crispy."

"ducks can be crispy."

"crumbs can be crispy."

"bacons can be crispy."

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