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Resembling cream in consistency or colour.
  1. 'creamy white flowers'
  2. 'It's a creamy off white, and she wonders if that affects the taste of it.'
  3. 'Yukon gold potatoes have a creamy colour, a buttery flavour and a slightly higher sugar content.'
  4. 'Cook gently to reduce to a rich, creamy consistency, then add the mussels and parsley.'
  5. 'It was painted a light creamy colour with glass windows and a grey roof topped it off proudly.'
  6. 'Elderberry bushes have creamy white flowers, which cast a sweet smell into the air.'
  7. 'It is more appetising than it sounds, having the creamy white consistency of thick mayonnaise.'
  8. 'The glistening juice on the surface of the fish with its intense creamy aroma tantalized my tastebuds.'
  9. 'It is nicely dry, creamy and smooth with citrus and tropical fruit.'
  10. 'Stir it into the creamy mixture, making sure it is all mixed well.'
  11. 'Add the yeast, milk, butter and cocoa, then mix to a smooth, creamy consistency.'
  12. 'Milk, soy milk or milk powder may also be added to give the bubble tea a creamy texture.'
  13. 'The white onion soup was creamy and sweet with a necessary lightness for a long brunch.'
  14. 'The pieces of meat were chunky but melted in the mouth, and these were wrapped in a rich and creamy white sauce with a hint of garlic.'
  15. 'Similarly, with lighter dishes and those with creamy sauces, the acid will cut through and complement the dish.'
  16. 'Both dishes came with rice and a serving of salad topped with a light, creamy dressing similar to raita.'
  17. 'It cries out to be partnered with blue or a creamy white goats' cheese, with grapes or ripe pear on the side.'
  18. 'This came with asparagus spears and boiled potato and a very creamy white wine sauce.'
  19. 'Gabriella pours brown sugar through creamy cappuccino foam and stirs.'


1. containing cream.

2. resembling cream in consistency or taste; soft and smooth.

3. having a yellowish-white color; cream-colored.

4. Informal. beneficial or profitable: a creamy arrangement for profit sharing. slick, facile, or superficial: His later movies are too creamy.

More examples(as adjective)

"desserts can be creamy in qualities."

"cheeses can be creamy in flavours."

"boths can be creamy with blueings."

"sauces can be creamy."

"whites can be creamy."

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