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Too many to be counted; very many.
  1. 'But he also starred in countless films which are so bad they have become notorious.'
  2. 'These alarms save countless lives every year, and every home should have them.'
  3. 'The garden is a savior to me, particularly in the warmer months when I get to spend countless hours picking and planting.'
  4. 'He is a veteran of countless marathons, and we are not talking about the ordinary London kind.'
  5. 'The problems of football management in the modern game are complex and countless.'
  6. 'Nor do people want to live in a system where their prosperity depends on the starvation of countless others.'
  7. 'Filled with countless tiny black seeds, it looks exactly like a seed pod should.'
  8. 'All three drugs are sold widely on the web, with countless sites offering the pills by post.'
  9. 'As countless tales have told us, it's always a bad idea to mess around with the past.'
  10. 'It is a tragedy that has befallen countless families through the generations.'


1. too numerous to count; innumerable: the countless stars.

More examples(as adjective)

"times can be countless."

"people can be countless."

"others can be countless."

"hours can be countless."

"numbers can be countless."

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