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Having or intended to have a useful or beneficial purpose.
  1. 'Oh, and thank you for all the advice, I love constructive criticism.'
  2. 'Most of the comments here are delightfully informative, useful or otherwise constructive, and I'm happy to keep it that way!'
  3. 'Authors might rate reviews as useful, creative, constructive, or crucial to their paper.'
  4. 'Generally speaking, I find the critique to be constructive and useful though largely misguided.'
  5. 'If so, I am opening up myself to constructive criticism or helpful comments.'
  6. 'At the same time, impeding the efforts of soldiers at war serves no constructive purpose.'
  7. 'The question which now must be asked of Teagasc is what constructive purpose do these reports serve.'
  8. 'I'd like someone to come up with a van, haul them off and put them to constructive purpose.'
  9. 'Go to work for the day, lose yourself in something constructive, the benefits outweigh the negatives.'
  10. 'He said it was a useful and constructive meeting following on from the previous meeting.'
Not obvious or stated explicitly; derived by inference.
  1. 'The claim to a trust is a claim to a remedial and not an institutional constructive trust and the limitation period is again 6 years.'
  2. 'Traditionally there has been a reluctance to use a driving offence as the unlawful act in constructive manslaughter.'
  3. 'It should be noted that constructive manslaughter requires the commission of an unlawful act.'
Relating to, based on, or denoting mathematical proofs which show how an entity may in principle be constructed or arrived at in a finite number of steps.
  1. 'He is perhaps best known, however, as one of the founders of the constructive approach to contemporary mathematics.'
  2. 'He made a good start to solving this problem for n = 2 when he found a constructive proof of a finite basis for binary forms.'


1. constructing or tending to construct; helping to improve; promoting further development or advancement (opposed to destructive): constructive criticism.

2. of, relating to, or of the nature of construction; structural.

3. deduced by inference or interpretation; inferential: constructive permission.

4. Law. denoting an act or condition not directly expressed but inferred from other acts or conditions.

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"people can be constructive on markets."

"people can be constructive in approaches."

"squires can be constructive to gains."

"reports can be constructive to futures."

"reports can be constructive for prices."

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Mid 17th century (in constructive (sense 2)): from late Latin constructivus, from Latin construct- ‘heap together’, from the verb construere (see construct).