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Serving to alleviate a person's feelings of grief or distress.
  1. 'She was grateful for his comforting words and reassuring gestures.'
  2. 'Usually the noise of my best friend's family is comforting, but today it was overwhelming.'
  3. 'The concept of a tragic flaw, after all, is strangely comforting, even absolving.'
  4. 'Ryan reached over and put a comforting hand on Marilee's shoulder.'
  5. 'There was something comforting about being an intern, to feel that there was always someone above you to call, even at 3am.'
  6. 'After seeking help from counselors and advice from friends, Betsy and Jack tried to establish as many comforting routines as possible.'
  7. '"At least it's comforting that we're together, and we can give each other support if we need it," he said.'
  8. 'Talking to friends and family, even your minister, can be comforting.'
  9. 'When the weather is cold and stormy, we tend to eat more - not just for the cozy feeling of snacking, but because we crave the comforting heat of casseroles, stews and roasts warming us from the inside out.'
  10. 'There's nothing quite like a big pot of comforting soup bubbling away on the stove.'
  11. 'Mr. Nelson was just deciding that a cup of tea beside a comforting fire was not an entirely unpleasant notion.'
  12. 'There truly aren't many better, more comforting smells in the world than baking bread.'
  13. 'I need silence, and I've forgotten just how relaxing and comforting it can be.'
  14. 'Riz au Lait is the epitome of the French grandmotherly dessert: simple, homely, comforting, sweet and creamy.'
  15. 'My house is warm, cosy and comforting.'


1. affording comfort or solace.

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"expirations can be comforting to bidders."

"snows can be comforting on slopes."

"nights can be comforting about people."

"facts can be comforting to executives."

"things can be comforting."

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