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Having much or varied colour; bright.
  1. 'Winters were always grey here, summers were always bright and colourful, at least in my memory.'
  2. 'The local committee have asked you all to make a special effort over the next two weeks to have Newport looking clean and tidy, bright and colourful.'
  3. 'The show opened with colourful sets and bright costumes.'
  4. 'My whole brain seemed to fizz and the world appeared to be a brighter, more colourful place.'
  5. 'All of the costumes for the country dances were bright, colourful and really looked the part.'
  6. 'They produced bright, colourful paintings of chariots, horses, temples and other scenes associated with life in the time of the Romans.'
  7. 'The scenery was bright and colourful, as were the costumes.'
  8. 'It is wacky and different, bright and colourful.'
  9. 'It's bright and shiny and colourful, and it frequently makes me smile, and it's honest about its utter superficiality.'
  10. 'The views are breathtaking, and in summer the garden itself is very colourful and bright.'
Full of interest; lively and exciting.
  1. 'a colourful account'
  2. 'It was a burst of colourful activity that heralded the arrival of the digital channel on television scene.'
  3. 'Along the way, he meets a long line of interesting and colourful characters.'
  4. 'In their pursuit of their rights, including to marry, they have been determined but have made their campaign fun, lively, colorful and open to others.'
  5. 'I duly left school and became a typist in the Mines Department where I met some interesting and colourful characters.'
  6. 'His sax playing was colourful, strong and exciting.'
  7. 'His lyrics are always childlike and unpretentious, evoking ridiculous pictures and colourful characters.'
  8. 'His current advisers fear that his colourful past and his liberal social positions could scupper his candidacy.'
  9. 'But it has often been his colourful private life as much as his promising political career that has ensured he is never far from the media spotlight.'
  10. 'His career might politely be described as colourful.'
  11. 'The axe finally swung on a career, one can only describe as short and colourful, but great while it lasted.'
  12. 'she made it clear, in colourful language, that she did not wish to talk to the police'
  13. 'I think it is probably more colourful language than is merited.'
  14. 'And there's some very colorful language in some of those opinions.'
  15. 'I said a few colorful words in our language, making him laugh.'
  16. 'The colourful language made for entertaining viewing.'
  17. 'Admittedly their language is rather colourful, but nothing worse than you'd hear in the first minute of Four Weddings And A Funeral.'
  18. 'This, of course, is what in essence he had told Richardson, although in more colourful language.'
  19. 'Mr Berger is a straight talker and uses some colourful language.'
  20. 'My language was colourful and consisted of mostly four-letter words.'
  21. 'It appears to me wholly regrettable and unnecessary that such colourful language was used in the first press release.'
  22. 'Despite her colourful language, which may have owed something to her Australian origins, she was a devout Catholic.'


1. abounding in color: In their tartans, the Scots guard made a colorful array.

2. richly eventful or picturesque: a colorful historical period.

3. presenting or suggesting vivid or striking scenes: a colorful narrative.

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"parades can be colorful."

"rallies can be colorful."

"personalities can be colorful."

"stories can be colorful."

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