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Like cheese in taste, smell, or consistency.
  1. 'And the other options are still likely to be fried, roasted, or fried and roasted, and smothered in cheesy or creamy sauce.'
  2. 'Creamy, cheesy sauces are code words for calorie-laden belly-bloaters.'
  3. 'I stupidly didn't think to get the stuff to make the cheesy sauce that goes into a lasagne so just filled it with cheese and hoped it would be OK.'
  4. 'The pages were dry and wan, the classic sign of a cheaply made book, and it was rough on the hands, a cheesy smell still lingering some years on.'
  5. 'The ravioli are filled with a blend of soft ricotta and sharp Gorgonzola, in spinach pasta, and they're bathed in a cheesy sauce with blue cheese.'
  6. 'Our dinner begins with a few nibbles: chips with olive and citric acid; lemon tempura with liquorice; and the most divine cheesy bread I have ever tasted.'
  7. 'My guest was a veggie, who sometimes wishes she wasn't, so she went for the mushrooms in a cheesy, garlicky sauce.'
  8. 'The sad fact is that when it is two-pairs-of-socks weather, the body demands shepherd's pie with cheesy mash, sticky toffee pudding and two cups of strong coffee in a loud, insistent voice.'
  9. 'The sauce, cheesy and creamy, had just the faintest tang of peppery spiciness to it.'
Cheap and of low quality.
  1. 'I do not want Cordelia getting emotional reassurance from a cheesy, cheap, plastic phone.'
  2. 'However, there's no reason that everything has to look so cheap and cheesy.'
  3. 'He sent a car to pick me up at the cheesy motel.'
  4. 'But then he talks her into going to a cheesy German hotel room by saying something in German.'
  5. 'The story manages to rise above some of its cheap and cheesy production techniques to reach its redemptive twist of an ending.'
  6. 'an album of cheesy pop hits'
  7. 'Especially if I'm in a cheesy, sentimental, highly hormonal kind of mood.'
  8. 'There are some beautiful moments which are unfortunately much too short, and some cheesy moments stretched by cliché conversation and intrusive music.'
  9. 'It's just so cheesy, corny, and clichéd you can't help but like the good old-fashioned story of the underdog overcoming the odds.'
  10. 'I've started a post for this thread two or three times, and what I've written always looks trite, cheesy or embarrassing.'
  11. 'The music we were playing was aspirational, not kiddie pop, not cheesy Euro-dance, but based more on street culture.'
  12. 'Is a good film, although as predictable and cheesy as expected.'
  13. 'However, once he'd played all the tracks on the list he launched into a mixture of cheesy pop and music from the 1980's.'
  14. 'If you can overlook the corny moments and cheesy dialogue, then this has atmosphere and energy to spare.'
  15. 'The eclectic set dressings and costumes call to mind a hodgepodge of charmingly cheesy pop moments.'
  16. 'They tend to look cheesy and have corny plots that slink toward clichéd payoffs.'
  17. '‘You'll be thanking me later,’ Lisa chipped in grinning a cheesy smile.'
  18. 'Gone are the inane card tricks, the cheesy smiles and the frilly assistants.'
  19. 'Perhaps it's just the cheesy smile on the participants' faces as they surface which gets to me!'
  20. 'They both nod with these ridiculously cheesy smiles.'
  21. 'She had a cheesy smile on her face as she walked towards the three girls.'
  22. 'She gave a cheesy smile and started flirting shamelessly.'
  23. 'Caroline tried to lighten the tense situation with a cheesy smile.'
  24. 'Looking closer at the photographs he saw a picture of himself smiling one of those cheesy grins he always put on for photos.'
  25. 'He shot her a cheesy smile and then quickly glanced in the rear-view mirror.'
  26. 'The whiter-than-white Hollywood smile is now considered cheesy.'


1. of or like cheese: a cheesy aroma; a cheesy taste.

2. Slang. inferior or cheap; chintzy: The movie's special effects are cheesy and unconvincing.

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"people can be cheesy."

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"turnovers can be cheesy."

"tastes can be cheesy."

"stages can be cheesy."

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