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Partially burn so as to blacken the surface.
  1. 'charred remains'
  2. 'All that can be seen inside the house is the black charred remains of furniture.'
  3. 'If the toast is slightly charred at the edges then even better.'
  4. 'The fire started in the front room and quickly engulfed it charring the ceiling, stairwell and door-frames before spreading to the hallway.'
  5. 'On the outside, the town was charred, scorched, and barren.'
  6. 'Trees and shrubs were charred and burning, and the grass around her had been burnt to a crisp.'
  7. 'I lightly char fresh asparagus on a hot ridged griddle pan for maximum flavour.'
  8. 'It was just a sort of blackened, charred wreckage, smoke rising and emergency services all over the place.'
  9. 'Its frame bears evidence of several singed areas where candles charred it.'
  10. 'All over his body, he saw a thin, glowing mesh that burned brighter and brighter by the second, burning and charring his flesh.'
  11. 'The formerly bright brickwork of nearby buildings was charred and blackened.'
  12. 'The painted wood was charring, burning, sinking slowly in and the last Stars and Stripes flying in the sun was gradually fading in the heat.'
  13. 'The edges burned first, immediately charring at the edges and then working its way inward.'


Material that has been charred.
  1. 'The bottom was covered in good cornmeal and natural char from the brick-lined oven.'
  2. 'Soot and char make it difficult for equipment operators to judge wood quality of the stems being harvested.'
  3. 'This is being done to preserve chip quality as the spikes drive particles of soot and char into the wood beyond the bark, which contaminates the wood going to chipping.'


A trout-like freshwater or marine fish of northern countries, valued as a food and game fish.
  1. 'Bring a rod and fish nearby Hadley Bay, where many a guest has landed a 25-pound silver char.'
  2. 'Other venues will the smaller rivers and lakes, often buried deep in the forests, where anglers can expect to catch grayling, brown trout and arctic char.'

More definitions

1. to burn or reduce to charcoal: The fire charred the paper.

2. to burn slightly; scorch: The flame charred the steak. verb (used without object), charred, charring.

3. to become charred. noun

4. a charred material or surface.

5. charcoal.

6. a superior carbon-rich fuel, a by-product of the conversion of coal into gaseous or liquid fuel.

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"bodies can be charred."

"remainses can be charred."

"corpses can be charred."

"wreckages can be charred."

"skins can be charred."

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(char)Mid 17th century: perhaps of Celtic origin.