Adjective "Charbroiled" definition and examples

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Grill (food, especially meat) on a rack over charcoal.
  1. 'More than just a piece of charbroiled protein, beef is also a major source of iron and zinc, two crucial muscle-building nutrients.'
  2. 'We received our food in good time, but my steak was charbroiled, which it shouldn't be for being medium.'
  3. 'The adults' menu may feature grilled shrimp, charbroiled chicken, sautéed vegetables, and salads galore.'
  4. 'Chef Michael Cortez whipped up a major dinner of beef fajitas with guacamole, chicken and cheese quesadillas, Spanish rice and charbroiled shrimp.'
  5. 'For example, corn and charbroiled beef, popular among Hispanic cultures, interfere with how a drug affects the body.'
  6. 'The intake of charbroiled meat, roasted fish, and shellfish did not correlate statistically.'
  7. 'I keep reading that charbroiled meat is bad for you.'

More definitions

1. to grill or broil over a charcoal verb (used with object)


( chargrill )1950s: blend of charcoal and broil.