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Not giving sufficient attention or thought to avoiding harm or errors.
  1. 'a careless error'
  2. 'Sadly, however, it seems this made people a little more careless and as a result syphilis in many areas is on the rise again.'
  3. 'It is not fair on others to behave in a careless, foolhardy fashion.'
  4. 'He was often careless with tactical dispositions and as a result, his army lost thousands of men.'
  5. 'Employers have every right to take reasonable steps to protect themselves from harm from malicious or careless workers.'
  6. 'When he came to write up his travels in 1790 he was careless with his original notes, with the result that critics claimed he had penned a work of fiction.'
  7. 'Pray that whatever has caused them to be so careless doesn't harm them or someone else.'
  8. 'And apart from the direct health problems, what about the number who die as a result of fires started by careless smokers?'
  9. 'The police blame it on the rash drivers and careless pedestrians.'
  10. 'If one person makes a mistake or gets careless, the results can be catastrophic.'
  11. 'Even so, it has had too many lulls, been too careless with the football and, with few exceptions, lacked cohesion.'
  12. 'a careless error'
  13. 'In some cases, the performances were careless, humdrum or lacked lustre.'
  14. 'Another gift try was conceded when careless passing resulted in an interception, and so it went on as the home side failed to halt the flow of points against them.'
  15. 'In planning a quilt, my reaction to this ordered system has always been a reckless measuring which produces careless results.'
  16. 'The foremost cause of death in young men is not drink, fighting in the streets, careless driving or even drugs, though they may play a part.'
  17. 'But a series of careless errors let the Scots back in the game, with the final indignity being the bizarre own goal.'
  18. 'One result of careless scapegoating is that there is little or no time spent asking and answering the hard questions.'
  19. 'He emerged as the great hope in 2001, then spent the next 12 months standing still, and his career is littered with careless errors and lame excuses.'
  20. 'I mean, his behavior was, according to this, indiscrete at best, careless at worse.'
  21. 'Of course it's good to get things right, but I'm afraid we're all capable of careless errors at times.'
  22. 'Many question why these errors happen and whether they occur as the result of careless practices.'
  23. 'he was careless of his own safety'
  24. 'Why we should be so careless of the nutrition, the physical and psychological health, and the education of so many of the country's future citizens seems incomprehensible.'
  25. 'A society that is careless about animals' pain is likely to be casual about human suffering.'
  26. 'The home to which Manesquier takes his new friend is clearly that of a wealthy man, careless of his surroundings.'
  27. 'He may be careless of the careers of his colleagues but even the most virulent press frenzy is unlikely to budge him.'
  28. 'Yet still, the sense that this is a ‘private’ public space remains very important to me, so I feel alternately uncomfortable about and careless of the possibility of being recognized.'
  29. 'We're careless of each other, we want different things, and yet we're stuck together, in it for the long haul.'
  30. 'He was ill educated, unintelligent, lacking in common sense, careless of his duties, immoral, emotionally retarded and lazy.'
  31. 'No one suggests that the government should be casual or careless about the terrorists in our midst.'
  32. 'The writer was incorrigibly careless of diction and unable, as his letters reveal, even to spell ‘grammar,’ to say nothing of mastering it.'
  33. 'See now, rounding the headland, a forlorn hopeless bird, trembling black wings fingering the blowy air, dainty and ghostly, careless of the scattering salt.'
  34. 'Finally he handed it over with a careless shrug.'
  35. 'Finally he gave a careless shrug, dropping the man's head with a thud that predicted a headache the next day.'
  36. 'She gave her head a careless shake, and as a result very nearly pitched herself off her seat.'
  37. 'Shrugging in a careless way, Leanne yet again, flung her mother aside and stepped outside onto the street.'
  38. 'He often did that, and as usual, her only reaction was a careless laugh.'
  39. 'He shrugged his slender shoulders in a careless manner still staring at her irately.'
  40. 'Bad smart casual is when a man mixes inappropriate pieces in a careless manner.'
  41. '‘I never felt like I belonged in that world,’ he says with a careless shrug.'
  42. 'It was weird that she was staying here, nonchalant and careless, after the events that night.'
  43. 'Or else our future generations are certainly going to pay the price for our careless, negligent and easygoing approach to the whole issue.'


1. not paying enough attention to what one does: a careless typist.

2. not exact, accurate, or thorough: careless work.

3. done or said heedlessly or negligently; unconsidered: a careless remark.

4. not caring or troubling; having no care or concern; unconcerned (usually followed by of, about, or in): careless of the rights of others; careless about one's behavior; careless in speech.

5. possessed or caused without effort or art; unstudied: careless beauty.

6. Arch

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"talents can be careless about wealths."

"people can be careless with shots."

"people can be careless with moneys."

"people can be careless with guns."

"people can be careless with cashs."

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Old English carlēas ‘free from care’ (see care, -less).