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(of food or drink) preserved or supplied in a sealed can.
  1. 'The bacteria which cause botulism cannot grow in acid conditions, so acid foods such as canned fruit and tomatoes need be heated only just enough to bring the centre of the can to boiling point.'
  2. 'I have written a lot of cookbooks and they don't use convenience products, unless you consider canned tomatoes convenience food.'
  3. 'Avoid using convenience foods, such as canned soups, microwave dinners, and boxed mixes.'
  4. 'All contributions are gratefully accepted - used clothes, toys, canned food, medical supplies, school equipment.'
  5. 'While fresh vegetables are preferable, second best is to have a supply of canned fruits and vegetables and juices, as well as a cache of dried fruits.'
  6. 'The Department of Agriculture & Food is making canned beef available free to individuals and families throughout the county.'
  7. 'He has an English breakfast of eggs, beans, sausage and canned tomatoes.'
  8. 'However, there's always been a slight risk attached to eating any preserved food: canned, bottled or refrigerated.'
  9. 'Most shopping carts were filled with dried foods, such as instant noodles, canned food, bread and cookies, as well as with vegetables and fruits, Lee said.'
  10. 'We turn people away from the food pantry because we've run out of canned stew, canned beans, canned tuna, cereal and powered milk.'
(of music, laughter, or applause) pre-recorded.
  1. 'canned laughter'
  2. 'As with most games in this niche genre, AE features wailing guitars, canned jazz, and an array of real-world aircraft.'
  3. 'If the audience isn't applauding, canned applause should be at the ready.'
  4. 'Research showed that although people watching comedy shows with canned laughter laughed less, the physiological effects were as if they had indeed laughed.'
  5. 'Not having to pause for canned laughter means the show's dialogue is smoother as well, its language more genuine.'
  6. 'It's hard to believe there's still a fan base for a guy who stutters childish rhymes over canned reggae beats.'
  7. 'The three tracks recorded in the '30s do have that canned sound of recordings from the time, but without much of the hiss and pops of the old records.'
  8. 'Similarly, programming and sampling blur the dichotomy between live and canned sound.'
  9. 'We never used canned laughter or ‘sweetened’ the audience reaction in any way - ever.'
  10. 'They turn it into a third-rate sitcom without the safety net of the canned laughter.'
  11. 'Her vocals are as whiny as ever, but here they sound canned as well.'
  1. 'I got absolutely canned at this bar and ended up spending $600 on two bottles of Don P. Apart from that it was a good time.'


1. preserved in a can or jar: canned peaches.

2. Informal. recorded: canned music.

3. Informal. prepared in advance: a canned speech.

4. Slang. drunk.

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"foods can be canned."

"fruits can be canned."

"products can be canned."

"beers can be canned."

"vegetables can be canned."

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