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Containing or tasting like butter.
  1. 'Its rich, buttery nose also has hints of lemon and lime, with a rounded fruit quality and a long, rich finish.'
  2. 'The pecan tastes most strongly of the actual nut, and is a marvellously rich, buttery paste.'
  3. 'Because cream, butter, cheese, fatty meat and buttery pastries stimulate the liver to manufacture LDL, keep your intake of saturated animal fats low.'
  4. 'The light, buttery pastry would be perfect for a hot fruit filling.'
  5. 'Tatars and Russians also subscribe to the same school of hospitality, centring around the samovar and large arrays of buttery pastries.'
  6. 'His version is a light assembly of intensely sweet, sun-blush tomatoes, chalky goat's cheese and fabulous olives, just suspended in short, buttery pastry of admirable crumbliness.'
  7. 'Their Butter Croissant is based on a light, buttery pastry of long French tradition.'
  8. 'Let me confess at this point to a fatal prior weakness for tarts made with proper, homemade, buttery pastry.'
  9. 'The honeyed fila pastries and buttery nut cookies compose a separate late afternoon meal accompanied by thick Greek coffee.'
  10. 'They have a pale gold creamy colour, buttery flavour and fine-grained texture.'
  11. 'buttery fingers'
  12. 'Using my buttery hands, I spread the dough out to cover the pan.'
  13. 'Is it wrong that i want him to die in a car crash in which his buttery hands slip from the wheel?'
  14. 'After all, a chicken kiev is some dubious old meat, steamed off the bone, which threatens to shoot a hot jet of greasy, buttery juice into your eye if you don't approach it with care…'


A room in a college where food is kept and sold to students.
  1. 'Before the girls leave Northsound, they sample a local delicacy - the buttery.'
  2. 'The college buttery staff have told students that each silver tankard is worth £15,000.'


1. like, containing, or spread with butter.

2. resembling butter, as in smoothness or softness of texture: a vest of buttery leather.

3. grossly flattering; smarmy.

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"pastelses can be buttery in textures."

"spirits can be buttery."

"yellows can be buttery."

"wines can be buttery."

"tastes can be buttery."

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(buttery)Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French boterie ‘butt store’, from Old French bot (see butt).