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Break open or apart suddenly and violently, especially as a result of an impact or internal pressure.
  1. 'the dam burst after days of torrential rain'
  2. 'It swells considerably and has to be pricked with a needle to release the internal pressure and avoid bursting.'
  3. 'As JB watched, the corpse seemed to swell, the skin cracking as if waiting to burst from some internal pressure.'
  4. 'Instead, we should block off a conduit so completely that it bursts from the pressure.'
  5. 'The resulting impact caused windows to burst in a two block radius.'
  6. 'The tension is great and palpable, a pressure cooker close to bursting.'
  7. 'As the plane landed at Lyon-Bron airport, one of the tyres burst on impact with the runway, causing the plane to leap back into the air before completing a haphazard landing.'
  8. 'Most of the times I just keep it bottled up inside of me till I feel like bursting from the pressure.'
  9. 'The anticipation is building inside me like a helium balloon, ready to burst from all the pressure high up in the atmosphere.'
  10. 'Whenever you hear someone telling you not to bottle your feelings up, or warning you that you will burst under pressure, they are implicitly endorsing this view.'
  11. 'The pain and agony she kept within her ruptured forth, much like an overflowing dam that finally burst under excruciating pressure.'
  12. 'the swollen river was expected to burst its banks'
  13. 'The stormy, rainy conditions that night had raised the level of the water to the highest point so far this year with the river bursting its banks in several places around the town.'
  14. 'That little yelp was the crack that burst the dam Amy had built.'
  15. 'The River Wharfe was close to bursting its banks at several points.'
  16. 'Then the River Wharfe at the top of the lane bursts its banks, bringing flood water, mud and misery to the close - knit community.'
  17. 'That will leave them facing a massive and ruinous personal bill if the River Derwent once again bursts its banks.'
  18. 'The water is trickling down and filling up huge, high-altitude lakes, which are now threatening to burst their banks and flood the populated valleys below.'
  19. 'Flooding was extensive, especially in the Stockbridge area, with the River Worth bursting its banks and overflowing near its confluence with the Aire.'
  20. 'As we got to the cottage we realised the river was incredibly fast although it had not burst its banks at that stage.'
  21. 'Flooding also hit hundreds of houses in southern parts of Lampung province in the past two days following heavy rains that caused rivers to burst their banks.'
  22. 'All the rolling stock, full to the brim with stone has burst every single wooden sleeper.'
  23. 'It is bursting with full, ripe blackcurrant, thick plum and burned coffee touches too, all wrapped up in a sturdy blanket of prominent tannins.'
  24. 'The old city is everything you'd expect: cacophonous, crowded, bursting with colour and bustle.'
  25. 'Thick hawthorn hedgerows bursting with new growth run down the edge of John Dunning's pea crop on his farm perched on the Yorkshire Wolds.'
  26. 'Fresh snowfall had slowed Denver to a cool calm, and the mountain resorts were bursting with record-breaking crowds.'
  27. 'This time, the section was full to bursting with interesting stuff.'
  28. 'Cultural life in the township is remarkably rich, bursting with accomplished singers and entertainers.'
  29. 'Hair is full, luxuriant and bursting with healthy vitality.'
  30. 'This is the time when our vegetable garden is simply bursting with abundance.'
  31. 'The centre is now full to bursting with 90 dogs and 30 puppies, while a further 40 dogs are on the waiting list.'
  32. 'The listings magazines are full to bursting with choices of places to see and things to do.'
  33. 'he was bursting with joy and excitement'
  34. 'I'm bursting with much emotion here, so please bear with me if it sounds like I'm rambling like a mad man!'
  35. 'And Linda Marlowe brings an incredible range of emotion, pathos and wit to a character bursting with energy and passion that is unrequited by her husband.'
  36. 'His features were deadpan but his voice was bursting with emotion.'
  37. 'He was bursting with emotions, from anger at himself to sorrow over the loss of his best friend.'
Issue suddenly and uncontrollably.
  1. 'And now all the emotions just burst forth like a great wave of water that had been dammed up for so long and were suddenly released.'
  2. 'She felt as if it was going to burst from her chest.'
  3. 'He saw Ken's soft, caring eyes squeeze shut and watched as nervous tears uncontrollably burst from them.'
  4. 'His boot plucked one of the fiddle strings and a sound burst from the fiddle.'
  5. 'The girls had been having their daily hour of sewing when suddenly flames had burst from the back of the room.'
  6. 'Seeing the overwhelming emotion just waiting to burst out, Laurel set a hand on her niece's shoulder and hoisted her into a seat once again.'
  7. 'At the mention of his name, Ali felt all the emotion in her well up and burst out, and she collapsed onto the steering wheel once more, this time with tears running from her face.'
  8. 'Just then, a searing note burst from the stage - the band was ready.'
  9. 'The last line was the money line, causing the crowd to burst into applause.'
  10. 'Raised in America in 1944, it has large, deep canary-yellow flowers, and when it bursts into full bloom you know that spring is finally here.'
  11. 'a door burst open and a girl raced out'
  12. 'Suddenly the door bursts open, a gust of wind blows snow into the room, and a man with a bushy beard and camel-skin tunic strides in.'
  13. 'Suddenly the doors burst open and Marguerite jumped with fear.'
  14. 'I walked up the driveway and was about to open the door when it burst open.'
  15. 'She was just going to ring Jamie's mobile when the front door burst open and two boys walked in, chatting loudly about some movie.'
  16. 'Just about the time that I pulled my key out of the ignition, the house's front door burst open.'
  17. 'Suddenly the front door burst open and Zax came running in.'
  18. 'Just then the back door burst open and the head waiter walked outside.'
  19. 'The gymnasium doors burst open and two security guards ran in looking frantically around.'
  20. 'Cody muttered, just as the doors to the labs burst open again.'
  21. 'Soon enough, there was a loud banging on the door, then it burst open.'
  22. figurative 'she burst on to the British art scene in 1985'
  23. 'Suddenly, she burst into the room, skidding into the first empty desk she saw.'
  24. 'A silver-haired man, older than most in the crowd, burst out of the line to confront him.'
  25. 'Screaming, I burst from the sand and clutched onto the bird's neck.'
  26. 'They broke apart when someone burst through the front door.'
  27. 'The gunmen burst through the open door one after the other.'
  28. 'Tim, unknowing of what to do, burst through the crowd and took off; to where, and why, he did not know, but he had to get away, far away.'
  29. 'Two runners burst from the woods a few minutes later.'
  30. 'The puppy suddenly burst from the cage, running around the store, barking happily.'
  31. 'Four police officers burst out and crowded around the doorway.'
  32. 'He didn't move when Tina burst into the room, her usual bubbly self.'
Suddenly begin doing or producing something.
  1. 'she burst into tears'
  2. 'Suddenly she burst into tears, sobbing into her teddy bear.'
  3. 'At one point I thought the gathered crowds were going to burst into a medley of wartime favourites.'
  4. 'He didn't want to open his mouth and suddenly burst into tears.'
  5. 'Her friend nodded wordlessly, and the two of them burst into tears and began hugging each other.'
  6. 'Edric knew what he meant and burst out with his rich laughter.'
  7. 'Jacqui looked at me, her eyes shining with not relief or left over fear or any other emotion instead she burst into a spate of giggles.'
  8. 'I whoop with excitement every time the crowd bursts into rapturous applause milliseconds after the impersonator polishes off the opening line of their song; and they do it every time.'
  9. 'Then she forced Autumn aside and rushed into the lunchroom, about to burst with anger and emotion.'
  10. 'All of Kaeli's strong resolve disintegrated and she burst out sobbing.'
  11. 'I succumbed to an irrepressible urge to burst into song.'
Separate (continuous stationery) into single sheets.
  1. 'This burster will burst and trim over 1,000 11-in. (279mm) deep forms in less than 10 minutes, and is ideally suited to processing short runs.'


An instance of breaking or splitting as a result of internal pressure or puncturing; an explosion.
  1. 'As a result, astronomers spotted infrared light from the explosion while the gamma-ray burst was ongoing.'
  2. 'She jumps when the small explosive bursts, splitting the wood in half as intended, and Ted smiles, laughs, and then walks her through the process again.'
  3. 'The boosters near her wings flared up, erupting in a burst of pressure that sent her streaming forward.'
  4. 'The soldiers simply let their weapons fly-several of the bursts and streaks of ammunition hit him when he was in the air, knocking him back.'
  5. 'The explosion responds with bursts of smoke and hostile body language an I run out the door.'
  6. 'The burst or explosion that follows is generated in the hips.'
  7. 'No more laughter, and in a sudden burst of speed, he picks up a rock and hurls it at a tree.'
  8. 'It would require an intense burst of Electromagnetic radiation.'
  9. 'Suddenly, Trent felt a burst of pain split his left shoulder.'
  10. 'The blast was followed by smaller grenade explosions and bursts of automatic fire that lasted for several minutes.'
A sudden brief outbreak.
  1. 'bursts of laughter'
  2. 'I have a burst of instant nostalgia whenever I stroll through its rather beguiling streets.'
  3. 'A sudden burst of laughter spurted out of Leanne's mouth and the group joined along.'
  4. 'It also happens to be an incredibly catchy number, with an unforgettable bass guitar line, punctuated by bursts of joyous brass.'
  5. 'I hiccuped in order to disguise a sudden burst of laughter.'
  6. 'The sun was going behind the hills and there was a sudden burst of activity in the canopy - more bird sounds and monkey sightings.'
  7. 'It is slow and deliberate, punctuated with momentary bursts of creativity or rage.'
  8. 'Their boots squeaked in response to sudden bursts of activity.'
  9. 'While we were talking, there were sudden bursts of gunfire.'
  10. 'In most sports, the difference between success and failure can often come down to an explosive burst of power.'
  11. 'A sudden burst of laughter was heard as David almost fell down.'
  12. 'The child lay face down, trembling and whimpering in small continuous bursts.'
  13. 'Participants were told that they would hear a few brief, loud sound bursts.'
  14. 'Like automatic pistons her feet hit the ground out of her control just as she heard another roar and felt a sudden burst of heat at her back.'
  15. 'Sunbeds supply an intense burst of UV light - not dissimilar to the full-spectrum light boxes prescribed for winter depression.'
  16. 'The grunts of effort, hateful little bursts of sound, are painfully frequent.'
  17. 'Suddenly, a burst of sobs broke to the surface, and I dropped to the floor.'
  18. 'Sayba, Karlii and Gash shielded their eyes from the intense burst of light.'
  19. 'Many children at the temple show classic signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, with withdrawal and sudden bursts of anger being the most common.'
  20. 'Barnes panted for a moment as adrenaline surged through him from the sudden burst of pain.'
  21. 'He was suddenly blinded by an intense burst of light from the doorway.'
A period of continuous and intense effort.
  1. 'There are eight airings during a two-week burst before the films move into a rotation in which they are screened about 15 times a year.'
  2. 'Its own journalists after all had more experience in this genre than any of us in India, except for the brief burst of reporting from Kargil.'
  3. 'Now there is another of those bursts of internationalism, but on a much, much greater scale than ever before.'
  4. 'Owen made the penalty that led to England's winner, hit the post after an explosive burst of pace and provided the cutting edge that restored his team's qualification hopes.'
  5. 'They tend to work in fairly intense bursts and argue that entitlements such as time and a half will add 2.5 to 3 percent to their wage bills.'
  6. 'He will be asked to utilise the pace of Michael Owen in answer to the ferocious, explosive bursts for which Argentina are renowned.'
  7. 'With a low level of stimulus, the openings appear in brief bursts separated by long closures.'
  8. 'One consequence of the end of the Cold War and the demise of the Soviet Union was a burst of joint efforts aimed at resolving armed conflicts.'
  9. 'Morton started the second half with a sustained burst of pressure which culminated in a second goal.'
  10. 'Wigan fans will always remember the trademark little shuffle and an explosive burst for a long-range try.'

More definitions

1. to break, break open, or fly apart with sudden violence: The bitter cold caused the pipes to burst.

2. to issue forth suddenly and forcibly, as from confinement or through an obstacle: Oil burst to the surface. He burst through the doorway.

3. to give sudden expression to or as if to emotion: to burst into applause; to burst into tears.

4. to be extremely full, as if ready to break open: The house was bursting with pe

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"lawmakers can be bursting with cheers."

"postbags can be bursting with replies."

"people can be bursting with tips."

"people can be bursting with secrets."

"people can be bursting with laughters."

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(burst)Old English berstan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch bersten, barsten.