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On fire.
  1. 'Pensioner Anthony Tanner was left highly distressed after a vandal tried to set his house on fire with a burning newspaper.'
  2. 'The makeshift cave was lit by the fire of a few burning torches connected to the walls by age old rusty iron rings and stands.'
  3. 'She ran, conscious only of the burning fire in her straining lungs and the ache in her side.'
  4. 'During the Bradford riots many small fires, including burning cars, were left to burn for long periods.'
  5. 'The fire started when a burning scented candle on a window ledge ignited the curtains.'
  6. 'He was illuminated by the fire of the burning building, and he could feel all of their eyes on him.'
  7. 'At one fire he was showered in burning liquid, setting fire to his clothes and losing half of his moustache.'
  8. 'The thing's grin pulled wider as he reached down and picked up a burning timber from the fire.'
  9. 'Walking to a still burning fire nearby, she turned it over and in the low light saw it was inscribed.'
  10. 'He was in a burning building, the fire was below him and it was a long way down to get out.'
  11. 'the burning midday sun'
  12. 'In parts of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, the roasting is done by the burning sun.'
  13. 'It was malicious, horrible, with two small red eyes as bright as points of burning coal.'
  14. 'I helped unearth it and I know the burning salt sands were too tightly packed to have just been recently patted down.'
  15. 'I stood on deck in the burning sun, searching for that invisible equatorial line.'
  16. 'There was a flash of light more intense than a thousand suns and a burning heat.'
  17. 'These elephants stand throughout the day in the burning sun with heavy chains on their legs.'
  18. 'It is not a total sun block and is designed to filter most of the sun's harmful burning rays while still allowing tanning.'
  19. 'She looked past him, not at him, and the sun had become a burning ember beneath that far off hill.'
  20. 'She fell to the ground with a soft thud, blacking out before even hitting the burning sands.'
  21. 'Heat and boiling air struck her face like a hammer as she fell to the burning sand.'
  22. 'The usually quiet brother looked into his father's face with burning fire in his eyes.'
  23. 'It was always her burning ambition to see her mother's name cleared.'
  24. 'He said he hopes to make a comfortable living from acting - that's his burning ambition.'
  25. 'the burning question of independence'
  26. 'The burning issue of environmental pollution cries out for joint action.'
  27. 'The burning question that has been plaguing me for months has finally been answered.'
  28. 'Whether the overwhelming majority of them have a future in the area is the burning issue.'
  29. 'This was the burning question at a special seminar held on Wednesday to demonstrate how the fire brigade would spring into action.'
  30. 'One of my students from Japan had a burning question she wanted to ask.'
  31. 'For all the opera companies in Britain it's the burning question.'
  32. 'While everything seems to be clicking into place, there is however, one burning question.'
  33. 'The burning question is, is there someone out there who can give an honest and reliable answer to this transport problem?'
  34. 'The burning issue now is for all of us to keep vigil and stop the contractors from bringing down the tree at night.'
  35. 'As for the burning question of the moment - will the major media cover this story or bury it?'


1. aflame; on fire.

2. very hot; simmering: The water was burning.

3. very bright; glowing: She wore a burning red bathing suit.

4. caused by or as if by fire, a burn, or heat: He had a burning sensation in his throat.

5. intense; passionate: a burning desire.

6. urgent or crucial: a burning question. noun

7. the state, process, sensation, or effect of being on fire, burned, or subjected to intense heat.

8. the baking of ceramic products to develop hardness and ot

More examples(as adjective)

"wells can be burning in 's-lands."

"tips can be burning for weeks."

"riders can be burning along roads."

"places can be burning for times."

"houses can be burning since yesterdays."

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