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A roughly cylindrical open container with a handle, made of metal or plastic and used to hold and carry liquids.
  1. 'an ice bucket'
  2. 'The beans are poured from the buckets into smaller metal bins, and pickers are paid based on the number of bins they fill.'
  3. 'We talked and examined the barrels and plastic buckets filled with fish, crabs and shiny squid.'
  4. 'If you do not feel comfortable about handling toads, a plastic bucket or similar container can be placed over the animal until someone else can assist.'
  5. 'Enterprising youngsters collected the petrol in buckets and plastic cool-drink bottles before taking it away to their homes.'
  6. 'Separate plastic buckets carry the right and left harnesses.'
  7. 'Wolf came back, carrying a bright red plastic bucket with a white handle.'
  8. 'Subsistence-netters use small boats to gather the fish and bring them to the shore while others wade into the water to collect fish in buckets and plastic bags.'
  9. 'His attention wandered to the thin, almost rat-like man stepping up to the teller carrying a large metal bucket.'
  10. 'The highway, right from Chennai, is full of trucks and vans from all over India, carrying everything from medicines to food to plastic buckets.'
  11. 'These can be clay or plastic flower pots, buckets, milk or juice containers, or any similar container that holds a half gallon of water or so.'
  12. 'She pointed to the counter where we kept the sugar, salt, anything she might have used as a seasoning, and the big bucket of well water we drank from.'
  13. '‘She even put my clothes and shoes in a bucket of water to prevent me from going out,’ he said, laughing.'
  14. 'Later, the bucket of soothing buttermilk was delivered.'
  15. 'He's too lazy to use a bucket of soapy water and a broom.'
  16. 'You just grab a big bucket of buttered popcorn, sit back and watch.'
  17. 'The happy couple had perched an enormous bucket of popcorn next to them, and as Hugo pirouetted into his seat, he managed to knock over the entire thing.'
  18. 'If they answer ‘incorrectly,’ they get drenched by the bucket of water suspended from a stepladder above them.'
  19. 'Somebody should throw a bucket of water on them.'
  20. 'When I went to Washington at Christmas I brought with me, at my sister's request, a giant bucket of Maltesers, and we sat and ate them, one after another, for hours.'
  21. 'He then asked for a bucket of water and while inside the house grabbed the woman by the wrist and forced her to hand over £120 she was holding, causing bruising to her wrist.'
  22. 'I wept buckets'
  23. 'Despite the heavens opening and depositing buckets of rain a few times this weekend, the festival has been hugely successful.'
  24. 'The company has lost buckets of money over the last year or so, and was forced to implement a survival plan, the most notable element of which was a £22m rights issue.'
  25. 'Stores in London and Manchester we visited were selling them by the bucket: two London locations had sold out their stock entirely.'
  26. 'the Laxey wheel had 168 buckets, each holding 24 gallons'
  27. 'Too much water will make the buckets unstable and they may tip over.'
  28. 'The wheel has 60 buckets each which can hold 200 lb water.'
  29. 'as the chain turns the buckets bite into the canal bed and scoop out the mud'
  30. 'Inside the leg was a continuous belt on which small trapezoidal buckets were fastened, designed to carry grain to the elevator cupola where it was distributed to assigned bins through a spout operated by a manual guidance system in the driveway.'
  31. 'Small buckets or scoops are fixed to the belts at regular intervals and these carry the grain from the elevator bottom to the top. The capacity depends upon width of buckets, spacing and belt speed. Elevators'
  32. 'The crash investigator said one of the things he was trying to ascertain was the position of the tractor bucket at the time of the fatal crash earlier this month.'
  33. 'Other attachments may include grading buckets, hydraulic breakers, plate compactors, augers, or rippers.'
  34. 'This company also makes use of quick couplers on its loaders, so the bucket can quickly be attached or removed from the loader.'
  35. 'It has a hydraulic PTO and can directly power a four-in-one bucket and several attachments.'
  36. 'Increasingly, that's likely to require an attachment other than a bucket.'
  37. 'It was just adapted for the removal of trees by attaching the bucket to the rear.'
  38. 'You can use this attachment with a wide bucket to dig.'
  39. 'Besides demolition, BROKK machines could also remove debris with a bucket attachment.'
  40. 'His arm was crushed by a large bucket on a digger.'
  41. 'Usually, however, the most common miniexcavator attachments are buckets of varying sizes, breakers, and augers.'
A unit of data that can be transferred from a backing store in a single operation.
  1. 'However, it begins to fall apart if presentational elements do not fall easily into the predetermined buckets for each archetype.'
  2. 'Most hashes start small and dynamically resize over time as the lists of the buckets get too long.'


Rain heavily.
  1. 'It was a wash out last year because of the weather, it absolutely bucketed it out of the sky.'
  2. 'But with the rain bucketing down overnight and throughout the morning and early afternoon, there was little option but to abandon the remainder of the tournament.'
  3. 'In one hour, between midnight and 1am, almost one inch of rain bucketed down on the city.'
  4. 'I just hope the sky clears a bit; it's very cloudy and been bucketing it down this afternoon.'
  5. 'But when we went to Norway we arrived wearing shorts and T-shirts to find it bucketing down with rain.'
  6. 'The more it bucketed, the more she beamed, perhaps hoping that viewers would admire her gleaming dentistry long enough for play to resume on Centre Court.'
  7. 'Typical of the kind of weather we've been having this summer, the rain was bucketing down.'
  8. 'He thought about walking to the chemist but the rain was still bucketing down.'
  9. 'By the time the early night rain was bucketing down on the pitch, Celtic were actually home and dry, spraying the ball around and running down the clock for a slender win, but one more victory nonetheless.'
  10. '‘We were on our way into Leeds at around 12.30 pm and it was bucketing it down, buses were having to drive into the middle of The Headrow to keep out of the water,’ he said.'
(of a vehicle) move quickly and jerkily.
  1. 'So I held on to the string, and the whistle continued and the little train bucketed along like a mad thing till I was told to let go.'
  2. 'That was the sign on the vestibule of the car we had just entered on the Oslo-Bergen express, bucketing across the snowy mountains of Norway.'
  3. 'In the far off distance, a single vehicle was bucketing along the road, a brown cloud of dust boiling up behind it.'

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1. a deep, cylindrical vessel, usually of metal, plastic, or wood, with a flat bottom and a semicircular bail, for collecting, carrying, or holding water, sand, fruit, etc.; pail.

2. anything resembling or suggesting this.

3. Machinery. any of the scoops attached to or forming the endless chain in certain types of conveyors or elevators. the scoop or clamshell of a steam shovel, power shovel, or dredge. a vane or blade of a waterwheel, paddle wheel, water turbine, or the like.

4. (in a


(bucket)Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French buquet ‘tub, pail’, perhaps from Old English būc ‘belly, pitcher’.


tip (or drop or turn) the bucket on