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Containing bubbles.
  1. 'I re-grouted the bathtub by myself, without even chipping my perfect manicure, before enjoying a long, scented soak using loads of gels, oils, bath salts and other bubbly items.'
  2. 'Even if you'd rather be soaking in a bubbly bath, we have awesome ideas for presents that will have your personality stamped on them beside the bow.'
  3. 'Or go with my favorite semisparkler: prosecco - dry and refreshing but not quite as bubbly as spumante.'
  4. 'I'm just asking if you want a refreshing bubbly beverage.'
  5. 'Bake until top is browned and cheese bubbly, 20 to 30 minutes.'
  6. 'Howard poured a generous measure of Radox into the bath, and watched it slowly turn the water green and bubbly.'
  7. 'The result is a bubbly appearance of the carbon/polymer films in the c-TEM micrographs.'
  8. 'Now I was in the mood for a chilled, fizzy, bubbly, brown and wet drink.'
  9. 'Apparently, some water actually does come right out of the ground all bubbly.'
(of a person) full of cheerful high spirits.
  1. 'A young, bubbly crowd, happy to hang around (the service is a bit slow) and mingle to the music coming out of a state of the art bar.'
  2. 'Mrs Fort described her friend as ‘just a lovely, bubbly lady’, with a personality well suited to dealing with the difficulties presented by police work.'
  3. 'She was a bright, bubbly individual, full of character.'
  4. 'She was bubbly, energetic, and had her way of doing things.'
  5. 'She was a very beautiful, vibrant, sociable, bubbly person.'
  6. 'When I first met her she was bubbly and vibrant and full of life.'
  7. 'When she awoke this morning, she was bubbly and cheerful.'
  8. '‘It's absolutely paramount,’ she says, before giving another little insight into the discipline beneath the bubbly exterior.'
  9. 'A York mother has told how her normally bright and bubbly daughter had been left subdued, distressed and anxious following an attempted abduction.'
  10. 'The bubbly Italian can speak six languages including Spanish, French, Russian, Greek, and English, and now wants to learn to try her hand at learning Irish.'


  1. 'I shall be on the ground waiting with a bottle of bubbly for her.'
  2. 'So opt instead for this soft, ripe, musky, apricot-stashed classic Italian bubbly.'
  3. 'A glass of Krug bubbly will set you back about $30.00, which can be accompanied by the head chef's delectable bar menu.'
  4. 'As part of the push for cash, the runners are urging sponsors to guess how long their epic journey will take, with a bottle of bubbly for the nearest guess.'
  5. 'Besides, says Oldman, a bottle of bubbly can make any meal seem like a celebration - and you don't have to worry about the vintage.'
  6. 'Another Pinot Noir/ Chardonnay bubbly is the superb Graham Beck Brut MCC.'
  7. 'Only the Bombay bubbly, which is a match for most £5-7 Aussie sparklers, distinguishes itself.'
  8. 'We say go for the big French bubbly when the sun sets'
  9. 'This stunning, deep, ripe, fruity, toasty waxy vintage bubbly is a rare Easter treat.'
  10. 'You can sample a pint or two at Two Poets Pub or sip bubbly at the Champagne Bar.'


1. full of, producing, or characterized by bubbles.

2. lively; effervescent; enthusiastic: the bubbly spirit of those early movie musicals. noun, plural bubblies.

3. Informal. champagne (defs 1, 2).

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"people can be bubbly."

"markets can be bubbly."

"jocks can be bubbly."

"wills can be bubbly."

"voices can be bubbly."

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