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Of salty water or the sea; salty.
  1. 'It's briny spiciness is a treat, but that it tears like tenderloin is the sweet surprise.'
  2. 'Mingled in the mist are the briny perfumes of ocean, fresh oysters, and the Pacific Northwest.'
  3. 'Each lamp has been brushed carefully with a briny patina.'
  4. 'The clean briny smell rises with the swimmers, the swells filling the air with steamy vapour.'
  5. 'In the briny Nova Scotia climate, Galvalume coated steel guards against caustic winds and salt air.'
  6. 'Caligo had flinched the first time, almost swallowing briny water.'
  7. 'A good gulp of flavorful dry stout can clean the palate while accentuating the briny tang of raw shellfish.'
  8. 'Sea urchin basically tastes briny, like oysters without the muckiness.'
  9. 'Still, I have had excellent nori-wrapped surf clam here, and delicious briny mackerel, a rarity.'
  10. 'Other men jumped into the briny water before they could be killed.'
  11. 'Stacy sighed and two briny tears ran through her cheeks.'


The sea.
  1. 'Naturally, on days like these you will find folk heading to the nearest stretch of white sand and the briny.'
  2. 'Then two of my most trusted officers stage a takeover attempt, and we all end up in the briny.'
  3. 'We had the briny beside us, a carpet of stars above, and two good friends of ours for company.'


1. of or like brine; salty: a briny taste.

More examples(as adjective)

"tonics can be briny."

"tangs can be briny."

"channels can be briny."