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Make (beer) by soaking, boiling, and fermentation.
  1. 'the brewing industry'
  2. 'About two hundred litres of beer are brewed in one go.'
  3. 'When you have a lot of responsibilities, you never get quite the time as a creative person, like brewing the beer.'
  4. 'They brew cask beers using only traditional methods and use mainly locally grown hops wherever possible.'
  5. 'He had been brewing beer for the last thirty-five years.'
  6. 'Many early societies brewed beer with a very low alcohol content.'
  7. 'They need to learn where each beer is brewed, and be able to describe the flavors of each one in one sentence.'
  8. 'It brews five beers on the premises, including a signature stout.'
  9. 'Or was the water carried to the top and the beer ceremonially brewed up there?'
  10. 'Nigerians in the coastal regions drink palm wine and locally brewed beer.'
  11. 'They brew Belgian-style beers as well as import brews from Belgium.'
  12. 'The beer is brewed with ‘only the finest sun-ripened hops, grains and barley.’'
Make (tea or coffee) by mixing it with hot water.
  1. 'He smiled at the guests and said, ‘Sylvia and my wife are in the kitchen brewing some tea.’'
  2. 'Wake up… Someone's brewing coffee in the next room…'
  3. 'Once the tapioca balls are prepared, red tea is brewed.'
  4. 'Lindsey was behind the counter, brewing up some coffee for her companions.'
  5. 'Frowning, Jackson turned and walked into the kitchen, toasting some bread, and brewing some coffee.'
  6. 'Then she added water and started brewing the coffee.'
  7. 'She's a self confessed coffee snob and brews up her beans in a small percolator.'
  8. 'All green and black tea is brewed from the leaves of one bush, the camellia sinensis.'
  9. 'Any proper tea merchant knows that a Yixing pot should only be used to brew green tea.'
  10. 'He then told me that he had forgotten to remove the coffee grounds from the maker before I brewed my tea.'
  11. 'he insisted on sitting us down and then went to brew up'
  12. 'The dark-haired lady smiled and began brewing up some cold tea.'
  13. 'So if you're looking for a metabolic boost, brew up some green tea.'
(of an unwelcome event or situation) begin to develop.
  1. 'a storm was brewing'
  2. 'A small headache suddenly began brewing between her eyes.'
  3. 'That means that we potentially have two tragedies brewing here.'
  4. 'Tensions arising from this situation brewed for several years.'
  5. 'As crises brew in the homeland, the civilian sector will see it and respond first.'
  6. 'The bottom line is that another crisis is brewing and again it revolves around healthcare.'
  7. 'Trouble was now beginning to brew for or near him, if it hadn't yet done so.'
  8. 'When urine flow becomes obstructed, there's a real emergency brewing.'
  9. 'With the Asian economic crisis brewing, Martin also kept his eye on Korea.'
  10. 'It starts well and ends well, but there's trouble brewing in the middle.'
  11. 'This is usual the time when tropical storms begin to brew.'


A kind of beer.
  1. 'Beer, especially darker brews, are rich in antioxidants.'
  2. 'Other than the most traditional brews, tombo is brewed from sorghum.'
  3. 'The word Beer used to refer to a brew containing hops, or Beor (honey).'
  4. 'Table tents hawk local brews such as Red Brick Ale, served in a tall glass.'
  5. 'Company products include specialty beers, malt beverages and non-alcoholic brews.'
  6. 'This brew is the first Czech beer in Poland.'
  7. 'Contrary to popular belief, most dark beers don't have appreciably more calories than light-colored brews.'
  8. 'The problems are the same as with other new product explosions of recent years, such as non-alcohol brews.'
  9. 'Striding to the side of the room, she picked up a beer mug, a bottle of the local brew, and a rather thick straw.'
  10. 'Beer brands are under pressure as young drinkers migrate from beer to spirits and baby boomers drink lighter brews.'
  11. 'he dug a brew out from the cooler and flipped the ringtop'
  12. 'He reached into the fridge and brought out another pair of brew, placing it beside Sofia's empty bottle.'
  13. 'My officemates liked having cold brews on tap.'
  14. 'The innkeeper who sat across from the hunter however gave a small whistle before drinking his own brew.'
A cup or mug of tea or coffee.
  1. 'It is well known among soldiers for delivering hot and cold brews and biscuits.'
  2. 'You've just got to try drinking a herbal brew from a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.'
A mixture of events, people, or things which interact to form a more potent whole.
  1. 'The birds are marinated in a brew of beer, soy sauce, and brown sugar, then finished with an orange-brandy glaze.'
  2. 'Slowly the black metallic brew brought us to life.'
  3. 'Still, given the potent brew of personalities, it was natural that rumours would flourish, and they did.'
  4. 'Use this basic lemonade to make even better brew.'
  5. 'New public management is a complex brew of political, economic and managerial claims.'
  6. 'Tests have revealed high levels of air pollutants forming a perpetual noxious brew in the worst affected areas.'
  7. 'There's hot cider for all (grown-ups can spike the brew with pumpkin- and spice-infused vodka).'
  8. 'Today, a bubbling brew of cynicism and suspicion seems the cocktail of choice for millions.'
  9. 'When she wants to relax, she picks some leaves from each plant and makes her own herbal brew.'
  10. 'Both served up a lovely, lurid brew of greed, murder and deviously twisted or mistaken identities.'

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1. to make (beer, ale, etc.) by steeping, boiling, and fermenting malt and hops.

2. to make or prepare (a beverage, as tea) by mixing, steeping, soaking, or boiling a solid in water.

3. to concoct, mix, or cook (a beverage or food, especially one containing unmeasured or unusual ingredients): She brewed a pot of soup from the leftovers.

4. to contrive, plan, or bring about: to brew mischief. verb (used without object)

5. to make a fermented alcoholic malt bevera

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"beers can be brewed."

"coffees can be brewed."

"licences can be brewed."

"wines can be brewed."

"versions can be brewed."

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(brew)Old English brēowan (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch brouwen and German brauen.