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(of water) slightly salty, as in river estuaries.
  1. 'All are clad crisply in pre-oxidized copper panels, which are brawn, more than green, though this will change somewhat after winter gales spray the tower with the brackish water of the estuary.'
  2. 'Most live in fresh or brackish (slightly salty) water and a few are found in marine habitats.'
  3. 'As a rule of thumb, phosphorus tends to be a problem in upstream and freshwaters, whereas nitrogen is a larger problem in downstream, brackish, and salty waters.'
  4. 'It won't take constant salt water, but it will take brackish water and it will take salt water if you flush it once the salts builds up in the root zone and the soil.'
  5. 'This allows the tree to use the brackish water by filtering out the salt.'
  6. 'The otherwise brackish groundwater had become safe for consumption.'
  7. 'Although the water was slightly brackish he soon had some excellent results.'
  8. 'Rather than trying to remove the salt from seawater, the plant would use brackish waters from the Thames ebb tide.'
  9. 'The two others are of a type found in fresh or brackish (slightly salty) water.'
  10. 'They are known to spend time in brackish water and even rivers.'
  11. 'In general, development rate is 1.5 to 2 times slower in freshwater calanoid copepods relative to their brackish or marine counterparts.'
  12. 'A continuing supply of freshwater from streams entering the lake would have stimulated the growth of algae and other freshwater organisms, resulting in a mix of brackish and freshwater species.'
  13. 'Between the two horizons, occasional bands of brackish corbiculids intercalate with sediments containing freshwater gastropods and charophytes.'


1. having a slightly salty or briny flavor.

2. distasteful; unpleasant.

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"somes can be brackish in parts."

"waters can be brackish."

"fish can be brackish."

"lakes can be brackish."

"aquariums can be brackish."

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Mid 16th century: from obsolete brack ‘salty’, from Middle Low German, Middle Dutch brac.