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A taste remaining in the mouth after eating or drinking something.
  1. figurative 'we concluded many exchanges in uneasy fashion, leaving behind a sour aftertaste'
  2. 'Low-carb foods often taste different or leave strange aftertastes.'
  3. 'Those with reflux also may feel like food is coming back up into the mouth, leaving a bitter aftertaste of stomach acid.'
  4. 'This is a major negative point as it leaves something of a bitter aftertaste on the lips.'
  5. 'Experts have described is as possessing strong vanilla flavours in the nose and distinct notes of molasses in the aftertaste.'
  6. 'The strawberries were not visible, the chocolate not tasted at all, and the yogurt leaves a funny aftertaste.'
  7. 'She chewed the last of the ration bar and cringed at the aftertaste it left in her mouth.'
  8. 'It has a sweet taste without a bitter aftertaste and contributes a relatively small number of calories when it is eaten.'
  9. 'Drinking water after a snack will also help remove the aftertaste from your mouth and can help curb your desire for more.'
  10. 'Who wants to drink a shake that is tasteless, or one that leaves a chalky residue with a bitter aftertaste in your mouth?'
  11. 'The heady aftertaste lingered just long enough for me to order another one to prolong the experience.'

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1. a taste remaining after the substance causing it is no longer in the mouth.

2. the remaining sensation following an unpleasant experience, incident, etc.: the aftertaste of a bad marriage.